Singapore 2014

Whisky and Fine Spirits rely on a long history of craftsmanship and expertise. Over years, some outstanding bottles are budding and developing their full identities, from rare bottlings such as single casks, older vintages and closed distilleries, to noteworthy younger crafts spirits. These special collector bottles particularly inspire the spirit lovers, as they embody spirit excellence and fine craftsmanship. This year, a new room will be exclusively dedicated to highly sought-after collector bottles, with selective access for interested parties to offer an unforgettable experience complete with the opportunity to taste rare bottles and releases. In partnership with Leica, this area will be displaying a photo exhibition as a tribute to Collectors, and a professional portrait made and printed by Leica.


As drinkers the world over are becoming more discerning, demanding an increase in quality and a wide range of offerings to choose from, we are assembling some of the world’s best and most exciting whisky producers to showcase their expressions, along with a selection of craft spirits from independent producers.

Here’s the whisky exhibitors list :

Here’s the spirits exhibitors list :



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Masterclass tickets will also be available on the day at the show for $35 for all standard entry ticket holders.*

* Subject to availability


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Whisky Live Stage

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