Whisky Live is the international celebration of whisky, bringing all the whiskies of the world together under one roof. Whisky Live prides itself on bringing together the finest whiskies, great food and a range of education and entertainment to make learning about whisky both fun and stimulating.  Whether you are a whisky enthusiast an uninitiated newcomer or just looking for a day out that offers you something different Whisky Live has something for everyone

Whisky Live gives you the unique opportunity to sample the greatest whiskies in the world, whilst mingling with the producers and distillers, marketers and visitor centre staff, all under one roof. In addition to learning about the world of whisky, you will be able to sample rare and sought-after whiskies and meet the stars of the industry.

Each event has its own local flavour and provides the greatest insight into this greatest of spirits. With great food, masterclasses and much more, Whisky Live is a great day out and a memorable experience.

Upcoming Whisky Live Events in Holland

The Hague 2014

The Big Church

14th Nov to 16th Nov 2014

The International Whisky Festival was created in 2000 to introduce the "Gods Drink" whiskey. Alertly 

U betaalt 45 Euro toegang(VIP sessie 75 Euro) om 4 uur lang whisky te proeven, over whisky te praten en meer over whisky te leren. Voor slechts 5 Euro extra kunt u voorafgaande aan het festival een korte introduktiecursus volgen(voor reservering, zie het menu links). You pay 45 Euro entry (VIP session 75 Euro) for 4 hours to taste whiskey talking about whiskey and learn more about. Whiskeys for only 5 Euros extra, you can follow a short introduktiecursus prior to the festival (for reservations, see the menu on the left). U gaat daarna via een aparte ingang de kerk binnen. You then go through a separate entrance into the church. 

Bij binnenkomst in de kerk ontvangt u een tastingglas waarmee u langs de stands loopt en daar vele gratis slokjes( in het Schots heten deze drams) whisky kunt proeven. Upon entering the church, you will receive a tasting glass that allows you to walk along the stands, and there are many free sips (in Scots called this drams) whiskey tasting. 
Wilt u ook de wat exclusievere soorten proberen, dan wordt hiervoor een vergoeding gevraagd en deze wordt betaald dmv "drams"(zo heet in dit geval het festivalgeld) die u kunt kopen bij de stand van de organisatie 1 dram = 1 Euro Ons advies is: loop eerst rustig rond, bepaal wat u lekker vindt en beslis dan of u drams wilt kopen! Would you like to try some unusual species, then it shall be a fee, and it is paid by "drams" (so called in this case the festival money) that you can buy at the stand of the organization 1 dram = 1 Euro Our advice is : First walk around, decide what you like and then decide whether you want to buy drams!

Wilt u meer weten over het product whisky? Want to know more about the whiskey? Kijk dan op de website www.whiskykennis.nl Please check the website www.whiskykennis.nl

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